How to configure WSJT-X on Ubuntu


June 27, 2018

5 thoughts on “How to configure WSJT-X on Ubuntu

  1. Good day and thanks for the info

    using Ubuntu 18.04 and the USB SignaLink

    Very frustrating so far…..The Burr-Brown is selectable for the output but not available for the input.

    To complicate matters, the volume icon on the desktop has no option to control the input level, so wsjt is constantly clipping.

  2. tried everything and then I thought about the keyboard volume control, turned it on and up and WSJT Linux transmits just as expected. The keyed radio just needed the tone.

  3. Say you configure your setup. It remembers it next time you launch the program, right? If so, that information (configuration) must be stored somewhere. Where in Linux is that config info stored? Thanks!

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